By Libby Letteriello

Illustrations by Lauren DuRoss Williamson

“I wish to thank my daughter, Mary Lou, without whose help this book would still be a dream; my daughter, Lauren, for her beautiful illustrations’ a special thanks to my granddaughter and her husband, Kim and Dale, who did the layout for the book and carried it to completion; and my son, Michael, for his encouragement.
I also want to thank the Pastor, the Principals and the Teachers at St. Cornelius, Long Beach, California, for all their help and encouragement through the years.”

“This book is dedicated to
my children, my grandchildren,
my great grandchildren, present and future,
the children at St. Cornelius, the children at
Marshall Junior High School, the young people at
Millikan High School
all the children of the world.”
Grandma Libby Letteriello