Once there was a little boy

Once there was a little boy named Choo-Choo-Pie. He was called Choo-Choo-Pie because he liked trains. He liked all sorts of trains. From the time he was very, very little, he loved to make the train sounds with his mouth. That’s how he got part of his name. Choo-Choo-Pie also liked something else very much–pies! He liked them so much he would get into big messes because of them. That’s how he got the rest of his name. One day, his mother said, “Choo-Choo-Pie, I’m going to make a pie and set it on the sink to cool and then I will put it in the refrigerator to keep for your birthday. So, please don’t touch it. Promise? “O.K., Mom,” said Choo-Choo-Pie.